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After baby Loss am I still a Mother ?

After baby Loss am I still a Mother ? my friend says not unless I have one alive

After a baby loss either through miscarriage early premature baby loss or a stillbirth at fullterm Sometimes people can be so cruel with their well meaning comments. The last thing you need is someone telling you, you are not a mother. your body carried a baby that makes you a mother. You have to look at what you had, have and can look forward to after having suffered a baby loss. It still makes you a mother.

sharing your photos scan pictures of your baby will help you realise you were a mother. Talking about the memories of your baby makes you still a mother. What ever the future brings you can still share your experiences to help others too who have suffered a baby loss and can relate to them because you still are a mother and can tell others about your baby ,your pregnancy your troubles and how you coped as a mother that has still lost a baby.

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