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Baby loss baby burial moving house should babies move to ?

Baby loss baby burial moving house should babies move to a new grave site ?

If you have to move house after a baby loss bereavement your baby would have had a burial service at a cemetery near your house. Some parents' may have realised by moving house a long distance away that your baby will have to be moved and be re buried at a new cemetery near your new home. This is not the case and you can alleviate worrying about leaving your baby behind by doing the following. Ask a relative, close friend or even a neighbour you trust who lives near your old house to keep a check on the grave and put fresh flowers on every now and then and send you some photos to keep in baby's memory box. Take a little soil from the graveside and put it into a large planter at your new house you could always grow a shrub in memory of your baby at have it with you at the new location. Make a visit from time to time to tidy the grave up.

the grave is where your baby's bones will lie and his or her spirit is in heaven so as you look up at the stars above you feel rest assured your baby's Spirit will always be close by you.

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