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Causes infant deaths why did my baby die

causes infant deaths why did  my baby die

depending on how old baby was can also determine the cause of death in young infants. For example babies born early before 22 weeks are not viable to live outside the womb due to the size  at delivery and due to the immaturity of inner organs which only happens in the last few weeks of pregnancy. Some babies have genetic problems that can be life threatening in the womb with poor outcomes at delivery. Birth defects can cause infant deaths such as severe heart conditions or a birth defect called anencephaly . Congenital diaphragmatic hernia is a life threatening condition and is another reason your baby may have died.infant death can also occur when a baby Is way over due and the stillborn risk is much higher.


you can find more information from the following websites looking at causes of infant deaths


birth defects and congenital disorders








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