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making memories last, baby born stillborn at the hospital

After researching how other mums coped in hospital as they delivered their baby's that had sadly died in the womb.We felt it important to pass on vital information on how to make the most of family cuddles times after delivery. As time passes so quickly and we cannot turn back time here are 7 ways you can make these treasured memories of baby last.

  • have a camera and take close up pictures of facial features feet toes hands etc.
  • sing lullabyes as you cuddle baby and pick a favourite song to remind you of him or her.
  • keep a spare outfit for the funeral and dress baby in the fresh clothes, the smell of baby will always be on the clothes he/she wore and you can keep them in babys memory box lovingly forever.
  • Compare the size of baby's fingers to yours to help remember how small they were compared to yours.
  • Don't be pressurised into going home soon after delivery, make the most of the time you can stay for in the bereavement suite .
  • see if the hospital do hand and foot prints of baby to keep.or bring your own casting kit in hospital with you.
  • Read baby a  tale / story book and keep it as a favourite just for baby.

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