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Baby loss or child loss honoring their memory How to ideas

baby loss awarenessBaby loss or child loss honoring their memory ideas

Baby loss memorial items can consist of a little memory box or memory book or memory treasure chest to put a few keepsakes in.This is usually kept in a safe place in a cupboard for instance or the attic so they don't get lost and can easily be brought out on an anniversary to help cope with grief and in memory.

we came across a website that kindly sent us a  piece of baby memorial jewelry.Although it isn't based in the UK we highly recommend the footprints on a heart shaped necklace, made from sterling silver.Its high quality a great gift item that can be worn any time in accompaniment to keeping a baby memory box.

A treasured reminder of precious tiny baby feet that is not too heavy of an item worn next to the skin. the snake chain wears well with this item. the business owners have generously offered any of our customers to receive a discount of 5 % on an baby / child loss memorial jewelry item when you order directly off their website.

Type in 5CHEEKY  to get a discount on their checkout page of their online store. customs charges may also be required by the customer to pay when it reaches the UK end, before receiving an item.

visit their website at evrmemories.com

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