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Do you get a death certificate for an infant fetal demise 24 weeks

Do you get a death certificate for an infant fetal demise under 24 weeks

In the UK you get a stillborn babies death certificate for a baby that showed no sign of life at birth (baby was born dead) that had completed 24 weeks gestation of pregnancy.

At the moment you do not get an official piece or paper document or certificate to show that a baby died invetro as a fetal demise .This effects all types of pregnancy losses under 24 weeks gestation.

Many parents have signed a petition to get the law changed on this.Its really not good news its like a baby never existed isn't it?

An hospital can sign a form from  the crematorium to say that the baby died without it being unlawful .But this is the only one.

charities help with certificates for fetal demise loss

On the internet you can type in celebration of life certificate and some charities have made their own which they give to grieving families to keep in babies memory box.

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