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Causes of a very early infant fetal demise

Causes of a very early infant fetal demise pregnancy loss 


What causes a fetal demise early on in pregnancy, well If you managed to have a scan in pregnancy around 7 weeks its where the heart beat can officially be seen or detected.

The sad news may only come to light that baby has passed away by chance in seeing this scan very early on. A fetal demise this early on in the first trimester of pregnancy can be caused be numerous reasons.

  • by chromosomal abnormalities in the early development stages of the baby.

  • abnormalities effecting the early development of the placenta

  • risk factors associated with mums age, older than 45 years higher risk of infant miscarriages.

  • sometimes reason unknown.

  • drug substance abuse or obesity can also cause a fetal demise.

tests after 3 infant losses fetal demise

Doctors may suggest testing if 3 or more miscarriages happen ,tests do not always confirm a diagnosis which then can often make the couple feel despair in not knowing a final cause of death.


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