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after a 2nd miscarriage should I try again for other infant

after a 2nd miscarriage should I try again for other infant?

After my 2 miscarriage this year my partner wants to wait a few years before trying for another baby I'm so anxious shall I try again after my next period ?

Answer with 3/4 pregnancies ending in a miscarriage before 12 weeks gestation the shop bought pregnancy test kits are revealing a positive pregnancy sooner than ever. Many mums get so excited then are devastated to learn that a miscarriage has happened just a the good news as started to sink about being pregnant. Talk to your partner because men have a harder time coping with a miscarriage baby loss than you might think and marriages/partnerships have been known to  break up because of a lack of communication. the added pressure to get pregnant, and also worrying about having another potential miscarriage.

Also Why are you anxious ?

 Is it because you badly need to have a baby  ? worried about  getting you're head round the fact that you could have another miscarriage ? or because you don't want to wait and you want to be pregnant now! not years later?. Once you feel you are mentally prepared then there will be less stress associated with getting pregnant again. Always in the back of your mind will be the scared feeling of losing another baby but where a miscarriage is concerned you cant stop it, if its going to happen it will.After 3 miscarriages you can be refered for further tests, but be aware not always do you get an explanation of why you had a miscarriage it just happens..  On the plus side many mums to be have tried after a few miscarriages have gone on to have many more healthy babies..

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