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funeral preterm-babies stillbirth preparation.

Occasionally a pregnancy doesn't always run smoothly ending in the preterm -babies loss.
A late miscarriage over 24 weeks and baby can have funeral or cremation with a death/ stillborn certificate babies under 24 weeks won't get one but an still have an interment.

baby stillbirth going through delivery

Experiencing a stillbirth is one of the most distressing situations a family can go through. For the pregnancy loss that ended early with baby being born of a very low birth weight doesn't mean that baby will be whisked away without the family having had time to see hold and say goodbyes anymore. Times have changes and nursing staff are more willing to let families grieve with dignity. baby doesn't have to be wrapped in just a blanket any more as the tiny baby bereavement store and also  at Cheeky Chums have tiny clothes from 5 inches in length.Aimed for the smallest premature baby loss.A family gets the chance to dress baby in something precious at least once before being laid to rest for a final sleep.


Stillbirth preparation with support

  few pointers in case you know a close member of the family that has to be induced as baby didn't make it to full term born alive (had stillborn birth).

If you need an induction you can have as much pain relief as you want for delivery  your baby.
  • Mum can have close family members at the birth for final cuddles.
  • Mum can bath baby after passing away with gentle cotton wool balls and warm water, the snug, first wash.Pat dry with a soft flannel over delicate baby.
  • Mum can own 2 baby bereavement clothing sets one to dress baby in and the other to keep for treasured memories.Mums find this very comforting many years down the line.
  • Create as many photos as you can with the family holding baby.
  • If baby returns to the funeral directors send a micro teddy for baby's casket baby snuggles close to keep forever.The sizes are so sweet and  tiny from 1 inch plush extra teddies at Cheeky Chums in plentiful supply.
  • Appropriate  baby bereavement cards can also be found at Cheeky Chums to send to the family a comforting message when spoken I'm sorry words seem not quite enough.

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